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The Mountain Trembled

The 4th Virginia at Spangler's Spring

Gettysburg National Military Park
July 12th-14th 2024

A Company, 4th Virginia Infantry is hosting a living history event at Spangler's Spring at the Gettysburg National Military Park on the weekend of July 12th-14th.  Throughout the weekend the company will perform firing demonstrations and demonstrate the manual of arms. Period rations will be issued and prepared by mess units in period correct mess equipment, if you bring rations, they must be period correct and in proper packaging.  Attendees will need to meet our uniform and appearance standards as well as be properly drilled in Gilham's manual.  Modern items are not permitted in view in camp during public hours.  


To register for the event,  


The 4th Virginia was issued jackets and trousers prior to the Gettysburg campaign.  Records indicate the garments were constructed of imported English cloth.  They were also issued tin drum canteens and Richmond pattern haversacks. The regiment was still armed with 1842 model Harpers Ferry muskets and rifled muskets.  The men of the 4th Virginia were seasoned veterans.  They would have been well equipped, well drilled and carried only what they would have needed.  Our standards require an accurate representation of these troops. We require those registering to send a photo of themselves in complete kit via email.  Failure to do so will be cause for removal from the registration list.  Failure to comply with equipment and appearance standards will result in you not being able to participate.  


Richmond Depot type 2 jacket.  English army cloth preferred. Any documented jean wool is acceptable as a second choice.  Gibson wood buttons or brass block I buttons are acceptable. Wytheville Depot Jackets.  All top stitching and buttonholes must be hand stitched.


Richmond Depot pattern trousers constructed of English wool preferred.  Richmond Depot trousers of jean wool and limited civilian trousers are also acceptable as options.  Proper period suspenders only.  NO FEDERAL TROUSERS.


Civilian slouch hats preferred.  Hats must be properly blocked, NO COWBOY HATS.  Confederate kepi is a second option. 


Mickey black or period correct hand knit wool socks.  Modern socks are not acceptable. 


CS issue or civilian brogans.  No boots will be accepted. 


Confederate issue shirts preferred.  British army shirt or civilian undershirts are acceptable on a limited basis if that is all you have. 


Civilian or Federal drawers are required. 



Harpers Ferry or Springfield model 1842 preferred.  Second choice 1853 Enfield, 1855 and 1861 Springfield or Richmond pattern muskets.  Bayonets are not required however, they are encouraged


Roller buckle and frame buckle leather belts.  Richmond painted cloth belts. 

Cartridge Box and Sling:

leather or painted cloth CS slings.  .69 caliber CS box, .58 caliber CS box.  Imported Enfield box if you have nothing else. 


Bayonet Scabbard:

CS pattern scabbard.  Limited imported Enfield scabbards. 


Plain cotton, CS issue preferred.  Very limited painted CS issue and Federal issue haversacks.  NO CARPET BAGS.


CS issue tin drum with cotton strap.  Federal issue canteen as a second option.  Leather straps are acceptable on a limited basis. 



CS or Civilian blankets. Coverlets are also acceptable.  Limited US issue blankets. 


Blanket rolls.  Kibbler packs, confederate hard packs.

Mess Equipment: 

Cups, plates and canteen halves must be constructed of tin.  Period correct cast iron spider skillets and cast iron pots are permitted. 


Confederate fly tents.  Shelter halves as a second option. NO WALL TENTS, NO A FRAME TENTS.  The Army of Northern Virginia was well supplied with CS issue fly tents by July of 1863.  When the troops had shelter, this is what they would have used.  All tentage must be properly constructed. 

For questions,  

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